Corona emergency aid from “The Life To Share”

120.000 Euros for India and Africa

First the good news: never in the ten year history of The Life to Share the registered society of The Life to Share raised more donation than in this year. From beginning of the year we achieved to collect more than 121.000 Euros. In the past it was just half as much. Thank to our donators! The Life to Share is now helping children and young persons in all world in caritative aspects since ten years.
The bad news: The Corona pandemic has overrun as all and even the record amount of donations is not roughly enough the projects we started. The money is nor enough by far to alleviate the biggest need in the Third World. The Corona pandemic has encreased the circumstances for the poor people dramatically.
Therefor the board of The Life to Share hat decided to give 70.000 Euro to Paul Maipan for his work in the Diocese Khammam (India) and another 50.000 Euros to the missionaries of St. Francis of Sales for their work in India, Uganda, Tchad, Cameroon, Indonesia, Mozambique and Kenia.


With your support we can make it happen.

With your donation you can support our Corona emergency aid project from The Life to Share e.V.
With the help of your support, you enable children and people in need to create a better life.

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