Education and professional training


What is normal for children in our countries is a luxury to the Third World: Education.
But this is the key for a decent life. Worldwide 58 million girls and boys don’t go to school. This are figures the UNICEF told in the World Economic Forum in 2015. Especially children of the poorest people have bad or no chance for education.
“Worldwide there are about a billion children in school age, these are a billion reasons to invest in education.” This said UICEF-Director Yoka Brandt in front of the WEF. And she adds: Worldwide more than 130 million pupils don’t know how read and count after leaving the elementary school.
The key for social career from a poor underdog is only education. The Life to Share supports building schools and professional training in poor countries. Here is a lack of all. Many villages don’t have schools, teachers or teaching aids. If a teacher is the village they are sitting under the shade of a tree.


Current educational aid projects