Following we inform friends and supporters of The Life to Share of evens and actions of the society. Such as the progress of the different projects and results of the inspection journeys to the existing and future project managers.

Thanks to Süddeutsche Zeitung

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The nationwide newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung reported about the activities of The Life to Share and his donators, thanks for this!

Donations for “The Life to Share”

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The Life To Share supported in the last nearly ten years more than 30 projects worldwide. In total more than 300.000 Euro are raised.          

Solidarity with Missionaries of Saint Francis

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The committee of the registered society The Life to Share (L2S) has finished a successful journey to Rome (Italy) in 2019. Reason was a meeting with the world board of the Missionaries of Saint Francis.

India: Stella Maris school is ready

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Until now this was the biggest project for The Life to Share. The Stella Maris school is a joint venture of “Sternstunden” (charity organization of the Bavarian Broadcast Company, BR) the Kloster Schäftlarn High School und The Life to Share. Only the The Life to Share has raised 20.000 Euro for the school’s extension –

India: Farewell for a new class of tailor women

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This project is a matter of the heart for The Life to Share from the very beginning. Self determined work and earning money is a good way out of the desperate hopelessness for young women and girls. Another 30 to 40 girls and young women left the technical college of Mittapali with the diploma and

Africa: Inspection journey to Arusha

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In the near future (if the pandemic allows to travel) the annual inspection will lead the delegation of The Life to Share to Arusha (Tansania). Due to the Covid19-Regulations it is planned for beginning of 2021. Project leader Brother Matthew, MSFS, of the Missionaries of Saint Francis of Sales will join the group and show

India: Bore wells are working

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By far we are not at the end of the project “clean water for India” but now additional 20 bore wells are working. The communities in the Diocese of Khammam can use this wells from now on. Months ago the women of the parishes had to walk many miles on foot with heavy canisters on

Ghana: Clean water for all

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In the countryside the women of the Third World are walking miles and miles for water. They carry heavy containers of 15, 20 kilos with water and come to their homes exhausted. But this water is not clean. It contains chemical remains and is not free of germs. The water of the existing water holes

The bishop drives with the tractor

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A new project leader came for a visit to Wolfratshausen in the Allergika Pharma head quarter. Bishop Joseph Osei Bonsu from the Diocese Konongo-Mampong in Ghana presented his projects and needs. Such as a solar plant for the clinic and some bore wells for the people in the countryside. In his talks with the President

Thanks to the newspaper ” Isar Loisach Bote”

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The newspaper Münchner Merkur reportet in his local part called “Isar Loisach Bote” about the activities of The Life to Share and his donators, thanks for this!

Inspection journey to India

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The private intiative for Charity The Life to Share had raised around 300.000 Euros for projects in all world. Hartmut Bannert, the president of the Club reported of a memorable trip to India where the members of the board convinced themselves and their donators about the use of the money.

Big event in the Kloster Schäftlarn Highschool

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In the year 2019 two dozens of pupils of the Kloster Schäftlarn High School visited India. For the coming home celebration in Bavaria delegates and donators of The Life to share and “Sternstunden” (charity organization of the Bavarian Broadcast Company, BR) came together to inform parents and other pupils of the Highschool of the successful