Countries & Regions

The Life to Share is helping there where the need is the biggest. Our main areas of operation are concentrated in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Out of this regions our project managers and Bishops send us their requests of help.


The black continent is formed of 55 States with more than 1,2 billion people. 24 of the 30 poorest countries are situated in Africa. Especially children and young people have to starve and if there are schools they are walking many kilometers even hungry.
Disastrous droughts and permanent lack of water the African continent a s a hostage.


Asia is full of diversity. The gap between rich and poor is incredible wide. There are countries with outrageous economy growth and at the same time the poverty in the same country is boosting.
Children out of deprived classes don’t have an opportunity to improve their destiny. I many countries of Asia girls and women till today have a bad position in society and nearly no chance to live self-determined. Forced marriages are normal.
Additional to this social problems natural disasters like Taifuns, Tsunamis or Earth Quakes are descending on the people of Asia.