“We are responsible not only for this we do but also for this we don’t do.”

Molière, 1622 – 1673

Dear friends and supporters of The Life to Share,

After seven successful years we are proud to report you from our work for the kids and young people in the Third World. From a private initiative we grow to a registered society which has a big reputation in the Bavarian society. Nothing has changed in our empathy for the desperate need of the people, communities and humanitarian projects we support. But now as a registered society at court of justice we are able and allowed to print fiscal donation receipts.

Nothing has changed in our aims too: We support especially children and young people in the world they need our help.

Since 2011 our helping hand gave more than 280.000 Euros to 26 projects, please see our list (LINK). In 2019 we handed out more than 100.000 Euros for bore wells, health care and education.

Direct donate – direct impact. This is our credo. All our projects are under direct survey of our project leaders mainly the bishops of the catholic church, missionaries and sisters. The donation is always direct linked with the project. That means your money for the education of young girls, young girls will be sent directly to the school without any deduction.

There will be spent no money for administration or advertising. The money goes directly to the project – 100 percent!

When you are reading this homepage you will mention there is a priority in India. His excellency Bishop Paul Maipan was the first partner we met in the Third World. He always was a reliable and a person of integrity to us with a big community of millions poor people. They need clean water, sanitary facilities and even churches.

Now further requests had reached us for new projects from many countries in Africa.


Hartmut Bannert, President


We inform you of the priorities of The Life to Share:


We need your helping hand!

Direct donate – direct impact. The projects are approved by personal known project leaders par example the Bishops of the Catholic Church. They send us a detailed request with plans and calculations and their own expense. The Life to Share works without any costs for administration or advertising. A sponsor is paying for this costs. 100 percent of your donation will reach the project. You can support our aid projects via:

  • Donation with no special purpose
  • Donation for a special project
  • Godparenthood/Scholarship
To the projects


Thank of your help we could finish numerous projects:

246.684 EURO






Support us DIRECTLY in these projects:

Projects in focus

Also in this year we would like to give girls and young ladies in India the opportunity to get independence. In classes of 30 girls they learn how to taylor and sew clothes. We need for such a class 8.500 Euro. At the end of the class the girls get a diploma and as a gift a new sewing machine for their own so that they can start immediately in an independent working life.

School projects
Other projects

One time donation

Every donation counts. Even the smallest amount can cause big things in the Third World. We take care for the project that needs money most urgently needed.

Regular donation

BA donation which is dedicated to a special project. Your money will exclusively reach this special project.

Become a project godfather

Become a godfather for a special project from the very beginning. Donate in one amount or support your project with a well proportioned donation every month or every year.


Support us with following projects:


Stay informed and learn more about our reports von actual and materialized projects

Thanks to Süddeutsche Zeitung

The nationwide newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung reported about the activities of The Life to Share and his donators, thanks for this!

Thanks to Süddeutsche Zeitung

Donations for “The Life to Share”

The Life To Share supported in the last nearly ten years more than 30 projects worldwide. In total more than 300.000 Euro are raised.          

Donations for “The Life to Share”

Solidarity with Missionaries of Saint Francis

The committee of the registered society The Life to Share (L2S) has finished a successful journey to Rome (Italy) in 2019. Reason was a meeting with the world board of

Solidarity with Missionaries of Saint Francis

India: Stella Maris school is ready

Until now this was the biggest project for The Life to Share. The Stella Maris school is a joint venture of “Sternstunden” (charity organization of the Bavarian Broadcast Company, BR)

India: Stella Maris school is ready

India: Farewell for a new class of tailor women

This project is a matter of the heart for The Life to Share from the very beginning. Self determined work and earning money is a good way out of the

India: Farewell for a new class of tailor women

Africa: Inspection journey to Arusha

In the near future (if the pandemic allows to travel) the annual inspection will lead the delegation of The Life to Share to Arusha (Tansania). Due to the Covid19-Regulations it

Africa: Inspection journey to Arusha

India: Bore wells are working

By far we are not at the end of the project “clean water for India” but now additional 20 bore wells are working. The communities in the Diocese of Khammam

India: Bore wells are working

Ghana: Clean water for all

In the countryside the women of the Third World are walking miles and miles for water. They carry heavy containers of 15, 20 kilos with water and come to their

Ghana: Clean water for all


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Bischof Maipan bei der Gemeinschaft der Franziskanerinnen der ewigen Anbetung in Schwäbisch Gmünd
Bischof Maipan bei der Gemeinschaft der Franziskanerinnen der ewigen Anbetung in Schwäbisch Gmünd